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We’re inclined to think of cause marketing as a big brand aligned with a national nonprofit in a massive media campaign. Think Coca-Cola’s fundraising for polar bears with the World Wildlife Fund or Yoplait’s “Save Lids to Save Lives” for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Most of the time these advertising efforts are smart, effective – and very slick.

There are, however, many cause marketing campaigns that aren’t huge, polished affairs. What these smaller – more grassroot – cause marketing campaigns lack in sophistication, they often make up in heart.

Case in point: Cultivo Organic Cold Brew Coffee and grocery chain Fairway Market have combined forces to provide meals for queer teenagers living on the street of New York City. Read More 

Longtime West Michigan-based cafe and coffee roasting company Uncommon Coffee Roasters has officially launched a new brand, Cultivo Coffee, offering canned whole bean coffees and a new line of cartoned cold brew under the name.

The company says its new Cultivo RTD Organic Cold Brew line has already been picked up by New Jersey-based organic products distributor Albert’s Organics, while additional distribution channels are being developed in New York City, Michigan and Texas for widespread release beginning this month. Read more

Forgive the pun: Cultivo Organic cold brews are, well, uncommonly delicious. Michigan’s Uncommon Coffee Roasters have been making cold-brewed small-batch coffee since 1994 – long before the cold-brew craze began – and their dedication shows. With a supremely smooth flavor that stands out from the pack, their cold brews are naturally sweet and don’t have a ton of added sugar, making them far healthier than most. Read more


“It’s no shock here that this is a brand of Uncommon Coffee Roasters aka the best coffee I have ever drunk. They are a high quality company with ethics I can get behind. If only all companies had similar beliefs and practices while making such high quality products the world would be a much better (caffeinated) place.”  Read more

Overview: @uncommoncoffeeroasters launched Cultivo to produce organic bean and ready to drink cold brew coffees. Everything is made with organic ingredients and it shows in the taste. The cold brew coffee with grass fed half & half is an amazing balance of milk chocolatey 20 hour steeped coffee, creamy earthy half & half and a subtle taste of sweetness from the cane sugar. It’s a delicious cold brew on the go when you didn’t make any for yourself. Read more



It’s important to use quality ingredients if you want a really delicious tiramisu. That’s why I’m using Cultivo® Organic Cold Brew Coffee.  Cultivo only roasts in small batches and the coffee is steeped for up to 20 hours.  All their cold brews are made with only USDA Certified Organic products. I combine their cold brew with some simple syrup, cocoa powder and Kahlua to use for a dipping liquid for the lady fingers. I love the flavor that Cultivo brings to this tiramisu! Read more